Peter O’Toole said that the business of theatre is providing bare boards and a passion. Adirondack Shakespeare Company is dedicated to rescuing theatre from “concepts” and restoring that passion to the works of the world’s greatest playwrights by focusing on what matters most: the words.

Summer Festival Season

Our Summer Festival Season was first presented in 2010. It features full, uncut productions performed in rep by a professional company. We perform at the Scaroon Manor Amphitheater on Schroon Lake and tour throughout Adirondack Park.


We offer workshops for elementary, middle, high school, and college students. These range from hour-long focused studies to longer intensives in which our actors visit your school for several days or weeks. Each course of study can be individually tailored to your curriculum.

In 2019-2020, we are offering two hour-long performances to schools in NYC and the Capital and Adirondack Regions:


            The Course of True Love

            Scenes, sonnets, and songs featuring the lovers of Romeo & Juliet, A Midsummer 

            Night’s Dream, Much Ado About Nothing, and arguably Shakespeare’s happiest 

            couple: the Macbeths.


            Their Blackest Sins: Shakespeare’s Villains 

            An exploration of the depths of humanity with some of Shakespeare’s most troubling 

            characters: Richard III, Claudius from Hamlet, Edmund from King Lear, and Iago 

            from Othello.


In the spring of 2020, we are touring Songs of the Iroquois: The Great Bear and “Hat-Trick” Hamlet in and around NYC, through the Hudson Valley and Capital Regions, and into the Adirondacks.


            Songs of the Iroquois: The Great Bear

            The next installment of stories from the Haudenosaunee people, this hour-long 

            program is designed to fit into your fourth-grade curriculum on the indigenous 

            people of New York State.


            “Hat-Trick” Hamlet

            Six actors perform Hamlet (uncut!). Three have prepared Hamlet. One plays Hamlet 

            each day. This fast-paced, dynamic production is great for students who have read 

            and studied the play, as well as those who might be meeting the Bard for the first 



To book a performance at your school, contact Tara Bradway at, or call (518) 538-1863.

Shakespeare IN THE RAW is a live performance and video project in which a small company of actors puts together a full production in less than three days. The goal is to strip away everything extraneous from the production – costumes, props, lighting, etc. – so that what’s left is absolutely essential: the words, the actors telling the story, and the audience.

Photos (Top to Bottom): Collin McConnell as King Henry V in  Henry V (2014); the company of  A Midsummer Night’s Dream  (2011) at the Scaroon Manor Amphitheater; Goliath as himself in  David & Goliath (2014); Katie Fanning as Maria in  Love’s Labour’s Lost (2013).

(518) 538-1863