In February 2012 ADK Shakespeare presented The Justice Project, a dual production of Measure for Measure and The Merchant of Venice that explored what Shakespeare’s plays have to say about the nature of justice, the quality of mercy, and whether the two can coexist.

Lindsay Bartlette Allen :: Juliet, Elbow, Boy

Michael Bernstein :: Duke

Tara Bradway :: Escalus, Francisca

Matthew Castleman :: Claudio, Justice, Officer

Andi Dema :: Froth, 1 Gentleman, Varrius, Barnardine

Christian Adam Jacobs :: Pompey, Friar Peter

Julia Jones :: Mariana, Friar Thomas, Servant

Melanie Arii Mah :: Angelo, Mistress Overdone

Collin McConnell :: Lucio, Abhorson, 1 Officer

Lindsay Tanner :: Provost

Shayna Vercillo :: Isabella, 2 Gentleman


Measure for Measure

February 10, 17

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Lindsay Bartlette Allen :: Nerissa, Leonardo

Michael Bernstein :: Old Gobbo, Salerio, Servant, Gaoler

Tara Bradway :: Portia

Matthew Castleman :: Bassanio

Andi Dema :: Shylock

Christian Adam Jacobs :: Gobbo, Morocco, Magnifico

Julia Jones :: Antonio, Tubal

Melanie Arii Mah :: Jessica, Solanio, Duke of Venice

Collin McConnell :: Lorenzo, Arragon, Magnifico

Lindsay Tanner :: Gratiano

Shayna Vercillo :: Salarino, Balthasar, Stephano


The Merchant of Venice

February 11, 18

All performances begin at 7:30 PM.

Seminar time TBA.

At the door

Advance purchase


St. John’s Students




FREE (with STORMCard)

MANHATTAN CAMPUS  (Saval Auditorium)

101 Murray Street, New York, NY 10007

February 10

February 11

February 17

February 17

February 18


QUEENS CAMPUS  (Moot Court, Belson Hall)

8000 Utopia Parkway, Queens, NY 11439

Seminar: Shakespeare & Justice*

         * FREE TO ALL

Measure for Measure

Merchant of Venice

Measure for Measure

Merchant of Venice

To see pictures from Measure for Measure, click here.

To see pictures from The Merchant of Venice, click here.

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