2014 marks Adirondack Shakespeare’s fifth annual Summer Festival Season presenting world-class theatre in upstate New York. This year we are proud to present five mainstage titles along with an original children’s play penned by Executive Director Patrick Siler, David & Goliath.

The season will open on July 23 with a performance of David & Goliath at LPCA’s Young and Fun Series and run through Labor Day Weekend. Find more details on the full season schedule here, including our touring productions of Shakespeare’s greatest hits: The Course of True Love, Their Blackest Sins, and A Woman’s Wit.

Ahead of the Summer Festival Season, don’t miss:

The Course of True Love

Thursday, July 10 @ 7:30 p.m.

Rogers Memorial Park, Bolton Landing


A Woman’s Wit: Shakespeare’s Heroines

Saturday, July 19 @ 2:00 p.m.

LARAC Gallery, Glens Falls

Summer Festival Season

Download a printable version of
our season calendar HERE.

Summer Festival Season:


Richard II

Henry IV, Part 1

Henry IV, Part 2

Henry V

The Tempest

David & Goliath

by Patrick Siler


One of Shakespeare’s most lyrically beautiful plays, Richard II traces the
tragic downfall of a king blinded by power. When rebellion topples Richard
from the throne, England is plunged into strife for generations to come.

The Cast

Meghan Blakeman :: Bushy, Sir Stephen Scroop, Abbot of Westminster

Nick Bombicino :: Green, Sir Piers of Exton

Tara Bradway :: King Richard II

Matthew Castleman :: Langley/York

Doug Durlacher :: John of Gaunt, Carlisle, Barkely

Katie Fanning :: Aumerle, Welsh Captain

Sara Fay George :: Duchess of Gloster, Surrey, Ross

John Hardin :: Hotspur, Queen Isabel

Kelly Karcher :: Mowbray, Duchess of York, Fitzwater, Willoughby

Sean Lounsbury :: Northumberland, Gardener, Lord Marshall

Collin McConnell :: Bagot, Salisbury

Patrick Siler :: Bullingbrook

Conductor :: Nat Angstrom

Stage Manager :: Kate Dylan

Fight Choreography :: Collin McConnell

Fight Captain :: Matt Castleman


Henry IV’s England is fraught with rebellion and political upheaval.
The king’s unthrifty son, Prince Hal, spends all his time carousing in
the tavern with the beloved fat knight, Falstaff, and shirking his responsibilities
at court. As the country prepares for war, Hal must decide where his loyalties
truly lie and prove his worth not only to his father but to all of England.

The Cast

Nat Angstrom :: Sir John Falstaff

Meghan Blakeman :: Lady Percy, Vernon, Peto, Ostler

Nick Bombicino :: Bardolph, Worcester

Matthew Castleman :: Dowglas, Mortimer, Chamberlain

Kate Dylan :: Mistress Quickly, Sir Michael

Katie Fanning :: Sir Walter Blunt, Francis

Sara Fay George :: Gadshill, Prince John

John Hardin :: Hotspur

Kelly Karcher :: Poins, Lady Mortimer, Scroop

Sean Lounsbury :: Northumberland, Owen Glendower, Westmoreland, Sheriff

Collin McConnell :: Prince Hal

Patrick Siler :: King Henry IV

Conductor :: Tara Bradway

Stage Manager :: Doug Durlacher

Fight Choreography :: Matt Castleman and Doug Durlacher

Fight Captains :: Nick Bombicino and Doug Durlacher


Rejoin Falstaff and company for the riveting follow-up to
Shakespeare’s two-part epic. As civil war continues to tear
England apart, the old king and the young prince must make peace
with each other if they are to heal the country’s deep wounds.

The Cast

Nat Angstrom :: Sir John Falstaff

Meghan Blakeman :: Lady Percy, Lord Bardolph, Warwick, Wart

Nick Bombicino :: Bardolph, Morton, Mowbray, Surrey

Tara Bradway :: Rumor, Epilogue

Matthew Castleman :: Silence, Fang, Lady Northumberland, Sir John Blunt

Kate Dylan :: Mistress Quickly, Westmoreland, Mouldie

Katie Fanning :: Page, Hastings, Gloster

Sara Fay George :: Lancaster, Doll Tearsheet, Travers, Feeble, Gower

John Hardin :: Lord Chief Justice, Peto, Bullcalf

Kelly Karcher :: Poins, Scroop, Shallow, Harcourt

Sean Lounsbury :: Northumberland, Pistol, Clarence, Shadow

Collin McConnell :: Prince Hal

Patrick Siler :: King Henry IV, Davy

Conductor :: Tara Bradway

Stage Manager :: Doug Durlacher


The thrilling conclusion to The Kingship Cycle follows the young
King Henry to France as he and his famous ‘band of brothers’
charge once more unto the breach in this action-packed masterpiece
about patriotism, fellowship, and the qualities that make a leader truly great.

The Cast

Nat Angstrom :: Exeter, Rambures

Nick Bombicino :: Bardolph, Burgundy, Orleans, Westmoreland

Tara Bradway :: Dauphin, Canterbury, Scroop, Macmorris, Warwick

Matthew Castleman :: Gower, Bedford

Doug Durlacher :: Charles VI, Erpingham, Governor, York

Kate Dylan :: Hostess, Montjoy, Bates, Bourbon, Huntingdon

Katie Fanning :: Katherine, Williams, Boy

Sara Fay George :: Nym, Gloster, Grandpre

John Hardin :: Fluellen, Grey, Salisbury, Clarence

Kelly Karcher :: Constable, Queen Isabel, Cambridge, Jamy

Sean Lounsbury :: Pistol, Alice, English Herald

Collin McConnell :: King Henry V

Conductor :: Patrick Siler

Stage Manager :: Meghan Blakeman

Fight Choreography :: Matt Castleman

Fight Captain :: Doug Durlacher


Arguably Shakespeare’s final play, The Tempest tells the compelling story of Prospero, the wrong Duke of Milan, exiled with his daughter Miranda, who has become lord of a magical island. This late romance, filled with colorful characters and fun hijinks, ultimately asks the very serious question of what it truly means to be human. A beautiful and poignant tale of friendship, family, and forgiveness, The Tempest is appropriate for audience members of all ages and is a wonderful introduction to the works of William Shakespeare.

The Cast

Nat Angstrom :: Alonso

Meghan Blakeman :: Sebastian

Tara Bradway :: Ariel, Ceres

Matthew Castleman :: Prospero

Doug Durlacher :: Stephano, Francisco

Kate Dylan :: Gonzalo, Juno

Katie Fanning :: Trinculo, Adrian

Sara Fay George :: Boatswain, Iris

John Hardin :: Caliban, Master

Kelly Karcher :: Miranda

Sean Lounsbury :: Ferdinand

Patrick Siler :: Antonio

Conductor :: Collin McConnell

Stage Manager :: Nick Bombicino

Original Music :: Patrick Siler
Fight Choreography :: Collin McConnell

Fight Captain :: Nick Bombicino


an original children’s play
by Patrick Siler

It’s brain vs. brawn as we travel back in time once again with Octavius, the boy who will one day become the Roman Emperor Augustus. Before he can lead Rome, Octavius must relive the adventures of the great heroes of old. This time, Octavius finds himself in the shoes of the boy-king David as he and his friends journey to ancient Israel, only to find it under attack by a mighty army led by a fearsome giant: Goliath of Gath. To make it back home, the kids will have to discover that strength has as much to do with smarts as it does with size. Bring the whole family - perfect for children of all ages.

The Cast

Nat Angstrom :: Maecenas, Demon

Meghan Blakeman :: Goliath (Puppeteer), Jesse, Attendant

Nick Bombicino :: Agrippa, Demon

Matthew Castleman :: Goliath (Puppeteer)

Doug Durlacher :: Mars, Magen, Demon

Kate Dylan :: Minerva, Samuel, Abigail

Katie Fanning :: Octavius

Sara Fay George :: Saul

John Hardin :: Rufus

Kelly Karcher :: Apollodorus, Abner

Sean Lounsbury :: Goliath, Attendant, Soldier

Collin McConnell :: Goliath (Puppeteer), Sakin, Attendant, Demon

Conductor :: Patrick Siler

Stage Manager :: Tara Bradway

Fight Choreography :: Matt Castleman and Doug Durlacher
Fight Captain :: Matt Castleman

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