ADK Shakespeare is very pleased to offer mainstage programming again this autumn. We are proud to present Shakespeare’s lively comedy, The Taming of the Shrew, for the first time. Alongside Shrew, join us for a celebratory production of Macbeth, which honors our first summer season in 2010.

Join us for a special Farm-to-Table Reception on Saturday, October 11 starting at 6:30 p.m. We will be celebrating the local farmers, breweries, vineyards, and artisan food crafters of the Schroon Lake and Adirondack Regions.

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William Shakespeare’s



The Taming of the Shrew

October 3-12, 2014

Performance Schedule

Friday, October 3Macbeth • 7:30 p.m. • Whallonsburgh Grange, Essex, NY

Friday, October 10The Taming of the Shrew • 7:30 p.m. •
Recovery Lounge, Upper Jay Art Center, Upper Jay

Saturday, October 11The Taming of the Shrew • 7:30 p.m. • 

Venue TBD, Schroon Lake

Farm-to-Table Reception starts at 6:30 p.m.

Full Schedule with Dates, Times, and Venues will be announced soon!

The Cast of Macbeth (TBA)

Malcolm, ensemble

1 Witch, ensemble

Macduff, 3 Witch, ensemble

Lady Macbeth, ensemble

2 Witch, ensemble

Lennox, ensemble


Banquo, ensemble

Duncan, ensemble

Lady Macduff, ensemble

Ross, ensemble

Porter, ensemble

Conductor ::

Stage Manager ::

Fight Choreography ::

The Cast of The Taming of the Shrew (TBA)

Conductor ::

Stage Manager ::

Original Music ::

Educational Outreach

These productions are available to tour to schools and community groups for private performances. Please contact us at to learn more about booking a show at your school!


(518) 803-HARK                                    contact us